Sign Me Up: Selecting a Font for Your Sign


Having a sign engraved may seem like a simple way to advertise the name of your home or business — or to announce the presence of your beloved family pet!  In truth, though, there are actually many factors you should take into account before placing an order.  For example, you'll want to choose a metal which is not only durable, but a colour that's in-keeping with the style of the rest of your home and garden; equally, if the sign will be mounted on a plaque, then that material should be weather resistant and aesthetically pleasing also.

13 March 2017

Blending In And Other Common Business Sign Mistakes You Should Avoid


Regardless of how much money you spend or which materials you opt to use, there are certain elements you should avoid when designing a business sign. Want to ensure your sign looks great and gets noticed by potential clients? Then take care to avoid these common pitfalls: 1. Blending In Blending in is for spies and chameleons. Business signs, in contrast, need to stand out. Look at the background behind your sign and grab a colour wheel.

13 April 2015