A Few Tips for Choosing Signs for Your School


If you're a school administrator, you want to think about what signs you should have placed around the property. The right signage can ensure students can find their way around the building, encourage them to remember good conduct, and show off the accomplishments of the best students. Note a few tips for choosing signs for your school, including the signs you may need and what they might look like as well. Also, consider having all these signs printed in various languages, especially for areas where there are many different cultures and communities and students for whom English is not their first language.

Anti-bullying signs

Bullying is a huge issue with many schools today, but some students may not even recognize their own bullying behaviour. Signs that include the word "bullying" with a line through it, or just an anti-bullying phrase along with words the describe this behaviour, can be good for the school walls. Note behaviours like gossiping, threats, pushing, damaging property, teasing, name calling, and the like, as things to avoid. You might also have phrases that encourage students to speak up, stand together, and not tolerate this behaviour. Adding these signs around the school can help stop bullying before it becomes a problem.

Locator signs

Locator signs can help new students find the areas they need quickly and easily, reducing stress and helping to ensure they're on time for class. Put these signs throughout the building, as it's easy for anyone, including those who have been attending the school for some time, to get turned around and lost in a crowd.

You also want to include emergency exit signs that are meant for schoolchildren; younger children especially may not know to follow standard emergency arrows, or even be able to read those signs! Use oversized graphics in bold colours for these signs to ensure children can find their way around every day, but especially if there is ever an emergency.

Honour boards

Honour boards are a great way to recognize achievers in your school, but consider the information you'll include in those boards. Sports achievements aren't the only ones that should be recognized, as school is supposed to be about learning! You may want to include students with the highest grades, the most improvement, best citizenship, volunteer activities, and other such achievements, along with those sports stars. Be sure you can swap out faces and names throughout the year, and then consider a permanent board made of wood or laminate you can have etched at the end of each year as well.


18 April 2017

Signs that Promote Natural Wellness and Holistic Designs

Hello, my name is Melissa. As a former branding consultant and designer, I know a lot about creating images and signs for companies. I also know that you cannot just read generic advice and get ahead. Someone in the natural healthcare field, for example, needs to use different colours, shapes and designs than someone in another field. If you want to know which colours, designs, styles and graphics relate most effectively to the natural health care field, you have come to the right place. I am going to include tips, advice, analysis, facts, colour guides and more on designing signs for natural companies. Welcome and enjoy!