Corrugated Plastic – The Ecological Choice for Modern Signage


If you need signs for your business to attract customers, to direct clients or to simply build awareness of your brand, then there are a number of materials you could select for them. One of the most popular forms of business signage these days is corrugated plastic. Frequently used for building signage, such as estate agents' for sale signs, corrugated plastic is tough, can be printed on easily and is weatherproof. Here's why it makes for a good ecological choice, too.

Long-Lasting Properties

Any product that is manufactured these days needs to have a degree of longevity if it is to be considered an ecological option. Throwaway products are no longer in vogue and corrugated plastic certainly does not fall into that category. Also referred to as Proplex, Correx, Twinplast, Corriflute or Corflutes, corrugated plastics are ideal for tough environments where other materials, such as wood or MDF, might fail. Not only will signs made of corrugated plastic withstand Australia's often bright sunshine, they can put up with corrosion caused by traffic fumes and nearby industry. They won't flop down as a result of being soaked in rain and can even put up with coastal areas where sea spray might be an issue.

Lightweight and Low Wastage

Because Corflutes and other types of corrugated plastics are made from a thin section of material – usually between three and five millimetres – they are incredibly light. This means that transportation costs, both in terms of dollars and carbon, are reduced when you select them. In addition, nothing more complex than a sharp craft knife is required to cut them to size, so you can get the ideal shape to your sign every time with very little undesirable wastage. Bear in mind that although the plastic is thin, the corrugations in the design mean that signs made from it are strong and able to withstand windy conditions. The material also does not tear if it is penetrated, for example, to attach it to a post. As such, replacement signs caused by damage are virtually unheard of.


Most forms of corrugated plastic are made from a thermoplastic named polypropylene. This is a material that is capable of being recycled in most professionally run recycling centres. Sign makers will usually stamp their products with a resin identification code, numbered five, so that the material can be pre-processed successfully alongside other plastics of its type. Therefore, when the signs are no longer needed, they can be turned into something else equally as useful.


10 May 2017

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