Top Perks of Advertising Your Business Using Billboard Signs


Today's business world is highly competitive, and businesses are constantly looking for new ways to increase their bottom line. One effective way of achieving this is through effective advertising. There are many types and forms of advertising that businesses can adapt, and each comes with a unique set of perks and disadvantages. 

Billboard signs are one of most commonly used types of business signage today because of the incredible benefits that they offer businesses. If you are thinking about what type of signage you should use to promote your business, here's why you should jump on the bandwagon of businesses that use billboards to improve their bottom line. 

High Visibility

No matter how well a business sign has been designed, it won't be any good if the targeted customers don't get a chance to see it. One of the most obvious benefits of billboards is that passersby will surely see them. These signs are huge and usually conspicuously located outdoors where they hardly go unnoticed. As people go about their daily outdoor activities, a billboard sign will be there to constantly remind them of your business and what you sell or offer.

Increased Exposure

Business signs placed within the premises of a particular business can only be seen by customers who walk into the premises, whereas signage placed just outside the premises may only be seen by those passing outside the premises. Thanks to its off-premise location, billboard signage can attract customers that might not even know where your premises is located. This way, new customers will easily find you. As long as they are located in off-premise locations that can provide the most impact, billboards are a great way to appeal to a large and diverse audience and widen your customer base.

Repeated Views

Once billboard signs have been installed at the desired locations, they will remain there 24/7, throughout the year. This means that they will be repeatedly viewed by people that pass through the routes where the billboards are located on a daily basis. As the text and images on the billboards get frequent views, it is more likely to stick in the minds of the readers/viewers. 

Many businesses shy away from using billboard signs for advertising because they consider it to be too expensive. But if you can ensure that they are well-designed and strategically located, billboards can prove to be highly effective advertising tools for your business.  


11 July 2017

Signs that Promote Natural Wellness and Holistic Designs

Hello, my name is Melissa. As a former branding consultant and designer, I know a lot about creating images and signs for companies. I also know that you cannot just read generic advice and get ahead. Someone in the natural healthcare field, for example, needs to use different colours, shapes and designs than someone in another field. If you want to know which colours, designs, styles and graphics relate most effectively to the natural health care field, you have come to the right place. I am going to include tips, advice, analysis, facts, colour guides and more on designing signs for natural companies. Welcome and enjoy!