Signage Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making


A great sign can help customers grasp your sales message and draw them in. When you get your signs wrong, though, they're likely to turn away and head elsewhere. Signage is especially important when you're operating at busy events, such as trade shows and festivals. If you want to attract customers, here are some signage mistakes you need to avoid making. Information Overload Most customers already know what they want when they're looking for a product or service.

8 November 2022

4 Top Considerations When Planning a Business Sign Installation Project


Working for yourself as an entrepreneur is appealing to most people. If you've already made the first step, you will soon realise that you might require working with and for other people, including your clients. Apart from acquiring a business name for your company, you might also want to invest in the proper signage for your brand. Corporate or retail signage are some of the best investments you can make for your business.

28 June 2022

Top Benefits of Installing Braille Signs in Commercial Buildings


A recent study conducted in 2018 by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare revealed that 13 million Australians had vision problems. Notably, long-term vision disorders can be disorienting and often affect one's ability to function normally. For instance, it was hard for persons with vision impairment to access buildings in the past. Fortunately, things have changed today since commercial facilities are required by law to install braille. Most importantly, the signs help persons with vision impairment to navigate their way in buildings with relative ease.

31 January 2022