What You Should Know About Engraved Signs


Signs guide us in our journey in this world. Some of the applications of signs include welcoming invitations or warnings on imminent danger. There are a plethora of ways to engrave signs, but the most straightforward one is the laser engraving process. Practically, you can laser engrave any design to the plaques. This post will explain how to create signs easily using a laser engraving machine, the benefits of laser engraving and laser engraving types.

14 October 2019

How to Achieve Impeccable Impressions with a Rubber Stamp on Challenging Surfaces


If you make products for sale, then a rubber stamp is a piece of essential equipment that you need at any given time. However, most business owners think that rubber stamps only produce best results on official letters. While different surfaces have their limitations, rubber-stamps are still a convenient and less costly way to print your business's logo on different fabric. This article highlights the various surfaces and the best practices to ensure that you achieve a crisp and clean impression.

28 June 2019

Understanding PVC Foam


PVC foam is a strong and durable material that serves a wide range of applications. It offers resistance to scratches and has a high fire rating. It comes in a variety of colours with a smooth finish. PVC foam is usually used in displays and stands due to its ability to accept paint and other decorative materials. PVC foams are described as closed-cell, water-resistant and with better physical properties in comparison to other foams of like density.

20 March 2019