4 Top Considerations When Planning a Business Sign Installation Project


Working for yourself as an entrepreneur is appealing to most people. If you've already made the first step, you will soon realise that you might require working with and for other people, including your clients. Apart from acquiring a business name for your company, you might also want to invest in the proper signage for your brand. Corporate or retail signage are some of the best investments you can make for your business. Here are vital considerations when planning a business sign installation.

The Location

Generally, you can install outdoor signage on a building, including channel letters or free-standing solutions like monuments and pylon signs. Often, if you have a commercial building constructed on a property you own, you can choose to install either signage option or both. However, if it's a leased building, it's imperative to check the lease terms to determine potential restrictions applicable to signage installations. After understanding the possible location restrictions, consult a professional signage installer about the best placement for your business signs to win more foot traffic. 

The Permits

Another crucial factor to consider during sign installation for your business is permitting. Often, municipal laws can be very confusing sometimes. Your signage installer should understand permitting process and the applicable requirements in your business location. The permits might also restrict the signage type and height you want to install for your business. Therefore, understanding the applicable laws and permits at the initial phase of the planning process is crucial to prevent costly mistakes. 

Management and Monitoring 

Modern signage, especially digital signs must always be up and running. You need to have someone responsible for maintaining and monitoring your signs. If you have numerous digital signage installed in multiple locations, you might need a remote monitoring and management solution. That will guarantee the proper working of your display systems with the correct content and zero operational problems. Furthermore, you might require updating software and firmware in your signage displays to ensure secure and automatic functionality. 

The Safety

Modern business signage no longer involves hanging shingles. Some of these signs can be significantly large, heavier and require an experienced team of expert installers to complete the job safely and effectively. To guarantee the safety of your installation team and customers during the installation project and after the completion of the project, it's paramount to work with an experienced sign installation company.

Consider these four essential factors when planning your business sign installation project. Furthermore, choose a reputable sign installation company in your area to ensure the installations are done professionally.  


28 June 2022

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