Top Benefits of Installing Braille Signs in Commercial Buildings


A recent study conducted in 2018 by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare revealed that 13 million Australians had vision problems. Notably, long-term vision disorders can be disorienting and often affect one's ability to function normally. For instance, it was hard for persons with vision impairment to access buildings in the past. Fortunately, things have changed today since commercial facilities are required by law to install braille. Most importantly, the signs help persons with vision impairment to navigate their way in buildings with relative ease. This article highlights the top benefits of installing braille signs on commercial premises.

Avoid Fines

You might not know it, but braille signs are a legal requirement for any establishment that opens its doors to the public. The facilities range from hotels and government offices to care homes and elevators. According to the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards AS1428.1., commercial facilities must put up braille signs that meet the laid down standards. However, some establishments are reluctant to erect braille signs, which only works to their disadvantage. For example, a business that does not abide by the above standard opens itself to hefty fines by the government. Thus, installing standard braille signs helps companies avoid paying unnecessary and excessive penalties.

Grows Clientele

Every business has one mission: to be successful. However, a company cannot succeed with a limited clientele base. Sadly, most companies think they can survive only with customers who do not have vision impairment. The perception is skewed because visually impaired people make up a huge population, and a business would be naïve not to tap into that portion of the market. Installing braille signs attracts visually impaired customers to your facility, significantly growing your client base. Besides, braille signs installation sends the message that you care for the well-being of all customers regardless of ability – an attribute that potential customers with normal vision find attractive. Therefore, besides attracting customers with vision issues, braille signs draw other customers to your business too.

Promotes Customer Independence

Most people take independence for granted until they suffer an injury and have to rely on somebody else to do the most basic tasks. It is precisely how visually impaired persons feel when entering a building with no braille signs. For example, they have to ask around for directions, which can be exhausting. While you can treat people respectfully, your good intentions account for nothing if they feel you are denying them their independence. Braille signs make visually impaired persons feel part of the community since they encourage independence. Thus, visually-impaired clients no longer feel like a bother since they can use the braille signs to find their way around a building.

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31 January 2022

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