Laser Engraving: Three Fundamental Tips for Creating a Business Sign


The appeal of laser engraved signage is indisputable. In simple terms, these types of business signs have a unique appearance that stands out among common painted and printed business signs. Also, the engraving process etches the material, and this ensures that the fabricated sign is long-lasting. Additionally, customising engraved signs is easy because the laser machine depends on computer control. Therefore, intricate designs can be handled. If you are interested in laser engraved signs, use the basic guidelines to create the best one for your business.

Choose Your Material

The right material is important for fabricating a good commercial sign. The best choice for your company will depend on diverse factors, including preference, environmental conditions and your budget. One of the popular choices for laser engraved signs is wood. Timber is compatible with the method because the laser machine has settings to allow for dark or light engraving. Wood has a surface that is highly receptive to the shading effects of the beam.

Metal is also a popular choice. You can opt for aluminium or steel materials. Like wood, it is possible to use the light and dark shading effect through the machine's parameter settings. However, the appeal might degrade due to oxidation and corrosion. If you are interested in this option, you should look into anodised material. Alternatively, you should discuss protective engraving methods with your fabricator. Additionally, you can choose plastic for your signage.

Develop the Design

You should develop the best design for your laser engraved sign. The quality of the design will determine the value of the investment. If possible, it is advisable to engage a skilled designer to actualise your ideas. However, if you have some experience with computer-aided design or drawing, you can handle the task. The best sign will depend on your object. In general, you must ensure that the text and images are legible. Also, avoid incorporating too many engraved elements because they might make the sign difficult to read. Besides, you must consider the practical issue of installing the signage after completion.

Plan for Finishing

Finally, you should plan for the finishing of the laser engraved sign. This secondary fabrication process is important for enhancing the appeal of the sign. Moreover, the work will reduce the rate of signage degradation and prolong the service life of the feature. For example, a layer of lacquer or other sealing material will prevent the wear of wooden and metallic signs. You will also need to prepare the sign for installation. 

Reach out to a professional who provides laser engraving services for more information.


23 March 2021

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Hello, my name is Melissa. As a former branding consultant and designer, I know a lot about creating images and signs for companies. I also know that you cannot just read generic advice and get ahead. Someone in the natural healthcare field, for example, needs to use different colours, shapes and designs than someone in another field. If you want to know which colours, designs, styles and graphics relate most effectively to the natural health care field, you have come to the right place. I am going to include tips, advice, analysis, facts, colour guides and more on designing signs for natural companies. Welcome and enjoy!