Three Things To Look For When Getting T-Shirts Printed For Employees


Online t-shirt printing offers a great opportunity for you to get custom t-shirts created for your employees or volunteers, which are ideal for everyday wear in a shop or for one-off use at an event. This article explains three things you should look for when choosing a custom t-shirt printing company.

A Range Of Sizes and Designs

If you want to purchase custom t-shirts for your employees or volunteers, you will want to choose an online t-shirt printing company that caters to all their sizes and body types. Make sure that both your smallest and largest employee will be covered, and check out reviews to find out about the fit — sometimes you need to size up or down. Business Insider has some tips on how a well-fitting t-shirt will look. You might also want to look for companies that offer different styles, such as slimmer or baggier fits, t-shirts with slightly longer sleeves for employees that want them, or women's fits designed to flatter a more feminine figure.

A High Level Of Customisability

The main advantage of custom t-shirt printing is that the wording and design of the t-shirt is entirely your choice, allowing you to easily convey information to customers. Therefore, you should choose to work with a company that makes customising shirts as easy as possible. Think about all the text you want on your shirt. For example, you might want the name or logo of your company, the employee's role (for example, at an event, it might be useful if stewards or first aid staff had their role prominently displayed), or a tagline about your business. Look for a company that will allow you to customise fonts and placement of words easily, as well as put information on the back of a shirt, as this will ensure the t-shirts are exactly what you want them to be.

Suitable Colours

It is important that your employees are wearing a suitable colour, with Bright Side explaining that each colour has powerful meanings and will be interpreted in different ways. For example, black and blue tend to be taken seriously, with onlookers assuming the wearer is professional and reliable. You may also want to use colour to further your brand image, using colours that are present in your logo and colour scheme. Alternatively, think about your company and the intended use of the t-shirts. If the wearers need to be seen in a crowd, bright colours might be a good idea. If your business is related to nature, browns and greens are a good idea. Having chosen a colour palette, you can find a t-shirt printing company that offers these colours.

By choosing an online t-shirt printing company that offers the range of sizes, styles, and colours you want, as well as one that will let you easily customise the shirts, you can ensure that the resulting t-shirts are ideal for your business or event.

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6 January 2021

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