How to Achieve Impeccable Impressions with a Rubber Stamp on Challenging Surfaces


If you make products for sale, then a rubber stamp is a piece of essential equipment that you need at any given time. However, most business owners think that rubber stamps only produce best results on official letters. While different surfaces have their limitations, rubber-stamps are still a convenient and less costly way to print your business's logo on different fabric. This article highlights the various surfaces and the best practices to ensure that you achieve a crisp and clean impression. Read on. 

Glossy Surfaces -- Flyers, brochures and other sleek papers are considered the best when it comes to adding a touch of class in your professional services. However, glossy surfaces are challenging to work with, especially if you are using standard water-based ink. It is because the gloss on sleek papers doesn't readily absorb liquid; therefore, your rubber stamp won't achieve the desired crisp impression. Instead, it will leave an unsightly smudge that your customers will not appreciate. Consequently, it is recommended that you use a wooden handle stamp filled with quick drying ink when working with glossy paper. Ensure that you put enough pressure on the rubber stamp before lifting it. Most importantly, give the ink enough time to dry for best results. 

Packaging Boxes -- If you package your products in boxes, then you do not need to order for custom-stamped boxes. The boxes are expensive, and changes in lead time can affect your operations. A rubber stamp is, therefore, a piece of handy equipment that can be used on boxes effectively, especially if they are white packaging boxes. If the finish on the box is glossy, then you need a quick drying ink so that it does not run when you place the boxes out to dry. Since packaging boxes are sent bare, you might want to stamp the boxes before assembling them. It will prevent fading during transit. 

Muslin Bags -- Muslin bags are an elegant and chic way to package products, but if you want to add more class, then a stamped logo that's crisp and clean leaves a lasting impression. However, it is vital to understand that muslin bags are not the easiest to work with if you are using a rubber stamp for the logo. Notably, achieving a crisp impression on muslin bags can be difficult due to the porous property of muslin. Therefore, you have to hold the rubber stamp in place longer to ensure the ink pushes into the fabric better. Also, remember to work on a flat surface when rubber stamping on muslin bags for an even impression.

Look for a place to get rubber stamps and ask about which type of material the supplier thinks would work best with the stamp. 


28 June 2019

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